'The Path To Pain Free Intimacy' Changed My Life

This story is shared by one of my recent clients (let's call her Sara) who completed my comprehensive online program 'The Path to Pain Free Intimacy'. Sara had struggled for many, many years with vaginismus. She thought that her life would never change. She thought that she would have to live a $exless life forever. She was full of shame, often afraid and quite stressed about this condition. 

Sara finally decided that she was going to make a change and she committed to this program, she was all in...and within 1 year, she reached her goal. She was finally able to achieve pain free intimacy and penetration. Sara shares her powerful story below:

'Before discovering the Path the Pain Free Intimacy program, I felt embarrassed and ashamed that I had not yet experienced pain free intimacy as I lacked the knowledge, experience and was wracked with fear. I was losing hope in my ability to achieve this goal and was worried that my otherwise healthy and loving  relationship with my partner would suffer as a result.

As I worked through Angelique's step by step, comprehensive program I started to feel more in control of my fears and gain comfort with the content both mentally and  physically with the exercise recommendations. In each module, Angelique shares videos to complement the content and she is so comforting as she talks about the content calmly and in a way that made me feel safe and able to go through each step with patience and hope. 

I am blown away at the progress I have made in one year on something that I struggled with my whole life. 

If you are looking for a program that is informative, engaging, reflective, helps you work through mental blocks, has lots of resources and hands-on tools (the dilators) to reach your goal and a mentor who is open minded, passionate about helping others and beyond encouraging (life changing!)- - then this is 100% the program for you!

I feel more confident now with myself as a woman, more connected to my menstrual cycle, am able to manage pain with the strategies she taught me and am more knowledgeable of pelvic health and anatomy which is so important and connected to mental health as well. I am so grateful to have met Angelique and I honestly believe she has helped me grow and open up a whole side of me that I am ready to explore.'

If Sara's story and emotions connect with how you are feeling, reach out. If you are ready to take that next (often scary) step forward, reach out. If you are done with feeling the shame and fear that has kept you feeling empty, sad and alone, reach out. Just know you aren't alone and that you have the power to have a fulfilling intimate life with yourself and/or with a partner. 

Email me today at info@pelvichealthhub.com and start your path towards living your best life! 

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