Are you Postpartum and not feeling too Fab about your Abs?

Carrying a baby for over nine months can take a toll on the body and most certainly your abs. Many a time, clients come to us mentioning how their abs just aren't the same anymore or that they feel vulnerable, weak or not quite as strong as they felt prior to pregnancy. 

Postpartum fitness can be a challenge. Lack of time and energy can disuade you from getting started on getting those 'Fab Abs'. Plus, there is so much nonsense online, that it can be very confusing for postpartum folks to know what they should or should not be doing when it comes to exercise!

So firstly, we wanted to share with you the video below, featuring Movement Specialist and Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Florence Bowen, as she describes to you how to activate your deep core muscles to help 'wake up' those abdominals.

Florence's extensive experience and knowledge about core rehabilitation, diastasis rectus abdominus and postpartum fitness is unparalleled. Her evidence-informed movement practice for pre and postnatal people cannot be missed!

Watch this video now and learn how to turn on your core.

If you like this, then you'd enjoy learning more in Florence's online course 'Restore Your Core Postpartum'. We understand that your time and energy are limited. This 6-week online core rehabilitation program will help you get stronger safely and feel more confident in your postpartum journey. Sign up now and complete the program at your own pace in your own place! 


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